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Yay! We’re excited you’re interested in advertising with Doctors’ News App – The most popular medical news app for doctors and medical professionals in Sri Lanka. 

We are an open-access mobile application sharing trustworthy medical information with thousands of medical professionals including consultants, Grade medical officers, Dental surgeons and Medical students Islandwide.

Advertising with us will put your product or service in front of a huge list of health professionals who are looking for ways to improve their medical skills.

We offer a huge range of advertising options for every budget and timeline. We put together a customized advertising package for each partner to ensure you’re seen by your ideal audience.


Featured Advertising – Main

    • Excellent branding opportunity
    • The most visible feature on the app
    • Linked to description post when clicking
    • Only one advertising slot is available
    • Choose from advertisements including banners as well as image and video features
    • Social media sharing included
    • Pricing Details
    • Per Day Package: Just 2,000 LKR
    • Per Week Package: Only 12,000 LKR
    • Per Month Package: Only 50,000 LKR



Top Stories

    • Visited by the large number of users every day
    • Only three advertising slots are available
    • Linked to description post when clicking
    • Choose from advertisements including image and video features
    • Social media sharing included
    • Pricing Details
    • Top GOLD: Just 1,000 LKR / Day
    • Top SILVER: Only 800 LKR / Day
    • Top Bronze: Only 700 LKR / Day


AD Posts

    • One Post with social media sharing
    • Any number of slots are available
    • Linked to description post when clicking
    • Post will go down on the main page when new posts are publishing
    • Choose from advertisements including image and video features
    • AD posts will be there in the app for 6 months only
    • Pricing Details: Only 3000 LKR / Post


Note: The content in your ad will be reviewed, including your headline, description, keywords, destination, and any images and video. Most ads are reviewed within 1 business day. However, some reviews take longer if the ad requires a more complex review. All advertising must be approved by the sales team and administrators before it is allowed to run on our app. No boudoir images, nude images, or animation graphics are allowed.You’ll be notified of the policy violation and told what you can do next.

  • On confirmation of the payment, your advertisement will be published within 24 hours
  • Advertisement under any category can be modified without an additional fee.
  • Our charges should be paid in advance. Bank details will be sent to your contact email after confirmation of the advertisement.
  • If our terms and conditions are agreeable to you, please feel free to send your valuable details to

For more details visit us on . We’ll be contacting you within 24 hours to schedule time to find out more about how we can help you grow your business.


We look forward to working with you!

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Doctor’s News App provides this medical information service in accordance with these terms and conditions. Please note that medical information found on this application is designed to support, not to replace the relationship between patient and physician/doctor and the medical advice they may provide.

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