Management Guidelines in Anaesthesiology

Anaesthesiologists- SLCOA National Guidelines – College Of Anaesthesiologists And Intensivists – Download All

        1. Introduction

        2. Management of Acute Pain

        3. Management of Sepsis

        4. Peri – operative Fluid & Electrolyte

        5. Resuscitation & Transport of the

        6. Trauma Resuscitation

        7. Management of Anaeshesia in Obstetrics

        8. Pre-operative Preparation

        9. Management of a Ventilated Patient

        10. Management of Difficult Airways

        11. Management of Safe Anaesthesia

Advanced Life Support – Guidelines on Advanced Life Support -ATLS – ALS

COVID 19 Management Guidelines by College of Anaesthesiologists

Home oxygen – Establish a standardized mechanism to provide home oxygen for patients with hypoxia (using oxygen concentrators) 2022-11-30

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Obstetric Anaesthesiology

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