Management Guidelines in Emergency Medicine

Accident And Emergency Care by Ministry of Health

Antithrombotic  treatment

Antithrombotic – Management of Antithrombotic Therapy

Chemical Incidents – Management of Survivors of Chemical Incidents in Hospital 15-05-2019

Decompression Sickness – Guide to Management of Decompression Sickness

First Aid for Underwater Divers with “Bends” (English Version) (Sinhala Version)

Head Injury – Management of a Patient with a Head Injury by College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka 2007

International Guidelines in managing critically ill patients

Snakebite – Guidelines for the Management of Snakebite in Hospital 2021 – 2022-06-17 – Download Guidelines   Download GALLERY OF SNAKES

Snake bite – Management of Snakebite

Snake bite  – Guidelines for management of snake bite in hospital – 2017

 Snakebite  – Guidelines for the Management of Snakebite in Hospital – 2017

Manual for Accident & Emergency Care Services Manual of Sri Lanka – Ministry of Health

Rabies – Protocol for anti rabies post exposure therapy PET – 2019 – 2019-08-16