Management Guidelines in Nutrition

Sri Lanka Food Composition Table 2021 Ministry of Health – 2021

Anaemia – National Guidelines for prevention and Control of Anaemia During Pregnancy 30-11-2015

Canteen Guidelines for workplaces English  Sinhala  Tamil

Child Feeding – Infant and Young; Child Feeding Guidelines for Sri Lanka

Circulars by Nutrition Division of Ministry of Health

Dietary and Physical activity – National Dietary and Physical activity Guideline for Selected Non-Communicable Diseases  – NCD 2022

Dietary Guidelines for Priests 2017

Dietary Guidelines for Alms givers 2017

Dietary Guidelines & Nutrition Theraphy for Specific Diseases 2014

Dyslipidaemia  – National Guideline for Management of Dyslipidaemia for Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare Level 2021

Dyslipidemia  – National Guideline for Management of Dyslipidemia / Dislipideamia in Primary Health Care Providers 2021

Food Based Dietary GUIDELINES for SRI LANKANS Publication by Nutrition Division Ministry of Health 2011

Food Guide Sinhala  Tamil

Guidelines on Introduction of Healthy Food Menus at Official Meetings 20-05-2016 Sinhala  English  Tamil

Iron Supplementation for Infants and Young Children 21-11-2016

ICU – Guidelines-on-Nutritional-Support-in-ICU 2014

Micronutrient  – National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Sri Lanka (2017-2022)

Public Health Guidelines for Disease Prevention Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and Cancer 2017

Zn Supplementation in Managing Diarrhoea among Children Under Five Years of Age 18-10-2013