Management Guidelines in Surgery

Accident & Emergency Care – Manual for Accident & Emergency Care Services Manual of Sri Lanka – Ministry of Health

Bladder, Prostate and Renal – Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Renal Tumours

Breast Examination – National Guidelines for Self-breast Examination and Clinical Breast Examination 05-10-2021

Breast Cancer  – National Guidelines For The Management Of Early And Locally Advanced Breast Cancer In Sri Lanka – 2021

Breast Cancer – Reporting Carcinoma of the Breast

Breast Clinics  – Operational Guidelines for Breast Clinics -National Cancer Control Programme 2022

Breast Lump – Management of Breast Lump


Clinical Indicators to Assess the Quality of Care- Proposed By the College of Surgeons of Sril Lanka 2017

Covid 19 – College of Surgeons

Gastrointestinal – Reporting Common Gastrointestinal Malignancies

Guidelines on Sharing of Surgical Theatre Facilities and Equipments 12-02-2016Sinhala  English  Tamil

Head and Neck Tumours – Reporting Head and Neck Tumours

Head Injury – Management of a Patient with a Head Injury by College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka 2007

Haematuria – Evaluation of Haematuria

Intubation guide infographic

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS)

National guidelines by the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka

Professionalism and Ethics in Surgical Practice Published by The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka

Rabies – Protocol for anti rabies post exposure therapy PET – 2019 – 2019-08-16

Rabies – Prevention of Rabies by Anti Rabies Post Exposure Therapy(PET) English – 2002  Reviced 2011-03-08

Tetanus – Protocol for Magnesium Therapy in Tetanus

Thyroid Tumours

Tracheostomy – The Care of a Patient with Tracheostomy

Transport – Guidelines for Transport of Adult Critical Care Patient in Sri Lanka